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Our offer

Functional Design

The best option for people who need help in finding a concept and functional interior design. We will get to know the client's needs and help with space planning.

Conceptual design

Functional design enriched with 3D visualizations that will allow you to see your future interior in color. The project includes a cost estimate and stores info.

Comprehensive project

This project will work for people who do not like to measure and calculate. In addition to 3D visualization, it contains exact amounts of finishing materials along with a cost estimate and references to shops, and random supervision of works on the construction site.

Turnkey project

The perfect solution for people who do not have too much time to deal with the investment. We monitor and supervise the progress of work, coordinate orders. We turn the raw condition of the investment into a turnkey interior.

350 zł/h


If you do not need a project, but you think that you will need support in various finishing choices - consultation is the perfect option for you.

450 zł/h

Consultation on site

It is best to talk about the project while seeing the interior live. If you want to consult on your construction site or in a renovated interior, choose this option.

individual valuation

Furniture designs

We design furniture for specific interiors, from kitchen furniture to free-standing furniture.

individual valuation


It includes dimensioning of rooms, electrical and plumbing elements. It is particularly important when starting the interior design of residential and commercial premises, where we do not have access to full technical documentation.

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